Guidelines from an Expert Orlando Roofer: Information on Modified Bitumen Roofing

Let us begin this write-up by explaining to you what a modified bitumen roofing system actually is. This roofing system type is primarily known for its weather resistant nature and high durability. Many also prefer this option due to its ability to adjust to low slopes. Such is the demand for modified bitumen roofing that all roof top services of Central Florida are represented by roofers specially trained for carrying out bitumen roof installation. Read on to gather more knowledge about this roofing system.

What makes modified bitumen roofing systems so durable? The strength of these systems is enhanced by adding materials like layers of polyester or fiberglass to the actual roofing asphalt. Now let us have a look at the history of modified bitumen. Modified bitumen was produced as oil refineries came to identify procedures that can be used for making more byproducts out of crude oil. However, the asphalt byproduct they obtained initially was not of very high quality. So, for improving its performance, manufacturers added plastics or rubbers to it and eventually attached the asphalt to fabric made out of polyester or fiberglass.

As mentioned above, modified bitumen roofing comes with the ability of adjusting to low slopes. Thus, it is usually used on roofs that are flat or have low slopes. You should ask your Orlando Roofer whether the roof of your home or office is suitable for modified bitumen roofing before placing an order for the same. He or she will assess the slope of the roof and make the necessary recommendations.

There are some advantages of using modified bitumen roofing. Your Florida roofer is the best person to inform you about those advantages; but for now, reading the following paragraph should give you some idea about the kind of benefits this type of roofing system brings for the homeowners.

Modified bitumen roofing can be installed using different methods. The Orlando roofing contractor hired by you can install this roofing system type by means of stick rolls and sealant-backed peel as well as by using hot torches. The next most prominent benefit of modified bitumen roofing is that it comes with excellent waterproofing qualities. There are also many who prefer using this roofing solution due to its cost effective nature; the cost of installation is also quite low for this roofing asphalt. The other pluses of the material include ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and excessively high tensile strength.

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